We are an independent commercial real estate brokerage firm, specializing in  office, retail, and industrial. We provide advisory services to owners and  investors delivered with the singular-attention, only a boutique firm can offer.

Our primary services include the following:

Our “boots on the  ground” provide clients  with access to hidden  opportunities in the  market.

Seller Representation

Maximizing asset returns.

Maverick Partners has the skills to craft a strategic marketing  program to reach our clients’ ultimate objectives. We implement  an approach, incorporating the following:

  • Prepare detailed valuation analysis.
  • Educate owners on effective pricing strategy.
  • Profile buyer pool and assemble target lists.
  • Prepare professional marketing materials.
  • Negotiate aggressively for best terms and conditions.
  • Oversee due diligence process and procedures.
  • Manage closing and final recording.

Buyer Representation

Finding diamonds in the rough.

Our brokers leverage years of experience and market knowledge  to help our investors to assess cash flow and capital appreciation.  Using financial analysis tools, our brokers are able to provide our  clients with a more sophisticated approach to evaluating  opportunities. Typical analysis includes:

  • Net Present Value
  • Discounted cash flows
  • Internal rates of return
  • Cash-on-cash projections

Landlord Representation

Recruiting the ideal tenants.

Our objective is to scour the market to find the best tenants and  to negotiate the optimal terms for our landlord clients. With  hundreds of lease transactions under our belt, Maverick Partners  has created a tactical marketing program for  maximizing  a  property’s exposure, and managing the leasing process. We  leverage technology, including:

  • Custom websites
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Datamining
  • Search engine optimization

Tenant Representation

Finding the perfect space.

Maverick Partners guides our clients through this process, to  minimize the stress and to maximize tenant benefits. To assist our  clients, we offer the following services:

  • Evaluate tenant requirements and define search parameters.
  • Survey market to identify all viable properties.
  • Compare lease structures and critical leasing terms.
  • Review future expansion and renewal options.
  • Analyze total cost of occupancy.
  • Scrutinize “pass-through” expenses.
  • Negotiate strongest possible leasing terms.