Jeff Goldman

Jeff Goldman
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As an active Real Estate Investor, and commercial Broker, I take great pride in my ability to help my clients, not only achieve their goals, but also have a positive experience. By focusing on the bigger picture, keeping the minutia in perspective, and developing a strong rapport of mutual trust and respect, I am able to guide clients through the complications inherent to buying, selling or leasing commercial property.

Also, as a Canadian with a formal education in Environmental Horticulture, never did I see myself selling Real Estate in North Carolina. As they say, "It's all about a girl"!  In 2002, fresh from my last semester of Landscape Architecture in Helsinki, Finland, I returned back to Halifax, Nova Scotia to start what would become an award winning landscape design-build firm. Five years later, needing a sabbatical, I traveled to Central America in search of adventure. What I found would change the course of my life: the girl. A beautiful redhead (and American), Bailey. After meeting in a small Spanish school we traveled together for five weeks and then returned to our home countries. But that didn't last long. After a year of intermittent visits, I decided to make an epic 3000 mile motorcycle trip across the continent to ask her to be my wife. She said "YES"! Now, along with our two beautiful daughters, North Carolina is home. With a longtime interest in Real Estate investment, design/renovation, and urban development, I eagerly moved into commercial brokerage. I have been a licensed NC REALTOR since 2013 and find it to be a great fit for my personality, skills, and lifestyle.

To quote Baker roofing, a local Triangle-based company for the last 100 years, best describes my business philosophy: "WE SHALL DO GOOD WORK, AT A PROFIT IF WE CAN, AT A LOSS IF WE MUST, BUT ALWAYS GOOD WORK". This is truly how I envision my business. My client's interests are paramount; take care of them, and all the rest will come.

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