Tenant Services

Perhaps more than any other facet of commercial real estate, a strong tenant leasing agent is of paramount importance when seeking the right space for your business to lease.  Our objective is to provide the highest quality, most efficient space possible for the best cost and strongest terms available.

Leasing represents a long term commitment and it is critical to balance the competing interests of landlords and tenants in order to arrive at the right combination of rental rate, tenant improvements (space customization), lease term length and other terms between owner and tenant.  Maverick Partners guides our clients through this process to minimize the stress and maximize benefit.

Our agents have significant experience sourcing and negotiating space for our clients.  Of particular note is our proficiency with urban properties, where every property offers unique challenges and opportunities.  We fully understand the dynamics of the physical and cost-related obstacles in urban buildings, but also recognize and embrace the “cool factor” that downtown environments provide.

In order to assist our clients in making a fully informed leasing decision, we offer the following services:

  • Scour the market to present all viable properties.
  • Compare lease structures: full service/ modified gross / triple net
  • Compare leasing proposals from competing property owners to determine most advantageous mix of rental rate, landlord concessions and timing.
  • Review expansion and renewal options.
  • Review “pass-through” expenses: actual vs. landlord estimates
  • Strongly advocate for the strongest possible terms.
  • Analyze total cost of occupancy.

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