Buyer Services

Buyers generally fall into two categories:  Owner Occupants or Investors.

Owners / Occupiers:

Purchasing a property for your business’s use involves decision making on many fronts.  Location is often the most critical factor when considering a purchase, but there are many other important variables to asses in order to make the best real estate purchase decision. When you intend to purchase a commercial property for your business, you need to consider variables such as the optimum location and configuration of that space for your business purposes, the future investment value of the property, the aesthetic your business desires to present as well as other factors. Maverick Partners brokers leverage their extensive market knowledge to help you assess all facets of the purchase process, including:

  • Detailed demographic reporting.
  • Market and sub-market analysis.
  • Financial analysis, including “cost of occupancy” modeling.
  • Contractor referral network, including general contractors, architects, lenders, environmental consultants, engineers, etc.
  • Future expansion options.
  • Contract negotiations.


Each commercial real estate investor has their own unique motivations for property acquisition, but one common denominator prevails…acquire solid properties with strong cash flow and capital appreciation potential.  To assist our clients in meeting their unique requirements, Maverick Partners brokers leverage years of market knowledge to maximize earning potential while mitigating risk.

Maverick Partners will work with you to design a service program based upon your specific needs and objectives.  Our investment services include:

  • Detailed cash flow analysis, including cash-on-cash returns, IRR projections and discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Property identification, including canvassing for unlisted options based upon our network of property owners and managers.
  • Lease analysis.
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange analysis.
  • Risk evaluation.
  • Development and rehab analysis.

In the end, you will decide if the deal is right for you. We just try to make that decision fully informed and more profitable.

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